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What is formwork construction?

Formwork is a mold for forming a concrete skeleton, all assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen. The wide variety of complex structures currently being built are the techniques of formwork carpenters.


There are various types of formwork such as wood, steel, and lath, but in most cases wooden formwork is used. Wooden formwork is often used because of its practicality and economy, such as being lighter than steel and being able to be processed into various shapes.




Formwork assembly



Formwork beam hanging



Formwork slab base


After removal of formwork



The job of a formwork carpenter

It is said that the work of a formwork carpenter takes about 10 years to become a fully competent craftsman. Since it requires a great deal of on-site experience and manual work, accuracy and precision are required to make the exact match to the schematics. Generally, it is said that the allowable range of accuracy is ± 3 mm.


In addition to knowledge based on experience, it is a job that requires physical strength such as moving materials and heavy lifting. However, the work that has been done with a lot of effort remains in shape for a long time, which gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The work of a formwork carpenter is a really rewarding technical job.



Processes of formwork


  1. Technical drawings
  2. Site preparation
  3. Formwork processing
  4. Material delivery
  5. On-site marking, lay bars
  6. Installation of formwork and reinforcement
  7. Concrete placement
  8. Formwork dismantling
  9. Cleaning


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