Formwork specialists for concrete frame construction
8-25-402 Yaesumachi Kokuraminami-ku Kitakyushu

Our Company

Our company was founded in 2004 and has been established as a corporation in 2018. Taking responsibility as a formwork specialist business, we will work diligently on the requested work and will continue to strive to respond to various changes with pride and responsibility as a formwork specialist.


Our motto

  1. Safety first
  2. Adhering to construction schedules
  3. Flexibilty
  4. Efficiency


Our goals

  1. Actively aim to acquire employee qualifications
  2. Utilization of technical intern training system for technical guidance



Company details

Company name

Ishinada Giken Co., Ltd.



Makoto Ishinada



Main office           8-25-402 Yaesumachi Kokuraminami-ku Kitakyushu, Fukuoka-ken
Processing plant   16-69 Sakuramachi Tagawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken


Construction Permit




First-class frame construction technician
Registered formwork core technician
Form support
Second-class architectural construction management engineer


3,000,000 yen



Fukuoka Bank, Kokura-higashi Branch



2004:  Founded Ishinada Group
2018:  Established Ishinada Giken Co., Ltd.



Business information

What is formwork?
It is a framework required when making a concrete structure. Wooden piers and veneers are used to make wooden molds (forms), according to detailed schematic drawings. A craftsman who assembles the made (processed) frame on site is called a formwork carpenter.


Working processes

  1. Acquisition of schematic drawings
  2. Formwork processing
  3. On-site marking
  4. Bring the formwork to the site
  5. Formwork assembly
  6. Concrete placement
  7. Formwork dismantling / cleaning


Our Hours
Phone: 090-8767-9010
Open: AM8:00-PM5:00
Closed Sundays

Ishinada Giken Co. Ltd.
8-25-402 Yaesumachi Kokuraminami-ku
Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka-ken
TEL/FAX 093-963-2373
MOBILE 090-8767-9010